Bioenergy company cited for illegal wastewater discharge

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The Hawaii Department of Health Clean Water Branch has issued a Notice of Violation and Order to Hu Honua Bioenergy for an unauthorized discharge of industrial wastewater.

“Our inspectors have confirmed a worker for Hu Honua Bioenergy opened a valve on its industrial wastewater treatment tank and allowed the contents of the tank to discharge from their facility into the environment,” said Keith Kawaoka, deputy director of the Environmental Health Administration for DOH. “This is a serious violation as discharges without permit authorization are strictly prohibited to protect human and environmental health from exposure to pollutants, which can cause serious and sometimes irreparable harm.” 

DOH officials say their investigation determined the discharged wastewater was generated between Nov. 2-6, 2018, as part of Hu Honua Bioenergy’s commissioning of its boiler and had been stored in wastewater treatment tanks prior to the discharge. 

Between 3,500 and 32,500 gallons of treated industrial wastewater composed of freshwater, acidic metal cleaning solution and residue from the descaling of the boiler was discharged. 

While the dark green colored wastewater had been filtered and neutralized prior to discharge, it contained high levels of iron and is a regulated waste. 

The order requires Hu Honua Bioenergy to implement environmental compliance training for all its employees within 30 days, develop standard operating procedures to prevent discharges of a similar nature, and pay a penalty of $25,000. 

Hu Honua Bioenergy may request a hearing to contest the order.

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