HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii’s sunscreen ban could be expanded if a measure making its way through the Legislature is passed, but not everyone is on board.

HB1519 would make it illegal to sell sunscreens with ingredients not deemed “safe and effective” by the Food and Drug Administration without a prescription.

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Some argue HB1519 is needed to protect marine life, but others said the FDA is not focused on the environment.

“It’s too dependent on the FDA rules and lists,” said Maui County councilmember Kelly King. “Which don’t take into account the damage that could be done to the reef in the marine environment.”

Councilmember King said lawmakers should consider the ordinance currently in effect on the Valley Isle, which only allows mineral-based sunscreens like zinc.

But Rep. Sonny Ganaden said this bill accomplishes that goal.

“For most consumers, this bill would remove access to chemical filters for sunscreens and leave the mineral filters,” Rep. Ganaden said.

“I think it should be known that there is an alternative to these chemical-based sunscreens out there, it’s the zinc-based one that I’ve made the transition to when I go surfing.”

Rep. Sonny Ganaden, (D) Kalihi Kai, Sand Island, Hickam, Pearl Harbor

Rep. Ganaden said the bill will give stores across the state uniformity on what they sell, but King said it is not ideal to leave counties out of the process.

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“And I think that’s the important message to the public. We don’t have time to deal with watered-down bills and watered-down laws and watered-down actions,” King said.