HONOLULU (KHON2) — Enter at your own risk. That is what lawmakers are warning under a new proposal looking to charge people for their rescues if they are injured at an illegal hiking trail.

Anyone entering a prohibited trial and then needs help may have to reimburse at least half of the cost of their rescue under proposed House Bill 1572.

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State Representative Scot Matayoshi said the cost of rescue is just one part of the bill. The second is to create a Hike Safe Card program, the idea is for hikers to pay a yearly fee between $24-to-$35 and create a special fund for rescues. The card could also exempt people from a rescue charge.

“My community and many other communities see these search and rescue helicopters going off to the rescue, both you know tourists and locals alike from fairly dangerous situations that they may have put themselves in,” Matayoshi said. “If you do happen to wander into a not legal part of the trail or in someone else’s property and then you need to get rescued this card would ensure that your cost of rescue… taken care of.”

Avid hiker Del C. Brown said he sees inexperienced hikers get into trouble often.

Brown said, “Maybe it will make people think twice before they go off-trail or you know go somewhere off-limits, quote on quote, and get in over their head.”

The Honolulu Fire Department said it performed 17 land rescues so far in January. But the department said a charge like this one will prevent folks from calling for help.

HFD gave this statement.

The Honolulu Fire Department is committed to its mission as an all-hazards fire department, which is to respond to all emergencies.  The HFD has not changed its long-standing position and remains concerned if anyone might delay or be deterred from calling 911 for any kind of emergency.

Matayoshi said under the proposal, anyone hiking on legal trails would not be subject to the cost of a rescue.

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“This bill is really meant to defer a part of that cost and to make sure that the people paying for the search and rescue or at least part of it,” Matayoshi said. “People that are getting into situations or are putting themselves in a situation where they may need rescue in the future.”