HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s been three years, of course since the pandemic started, but that is also the timeframe in which we didn’t have here at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum “Flight Adventures.” 

Flight Adventures will return featuring the Biggest Little Air Show.

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So, to find out more about that, KHON2.com met with retired Gen. Ray Johns to learn all about this. 

The Navy has made it an open base for the entire weekend, so we welcome all of the public to come to see the Destroyer and to see our piece of it at the museum. At the museum, we are going to have the kids in the hanger building propellers, assembling aircraft, flying gliders, and then of course, the RC event that you’ve mentioned.”

Retired Gen. Ray Johns, Chairman of Board. 

“Basically, the gate opens at 8 am, we are going to start at 9 am with our ceremony, and then we are going to have an hour and a half with just children flying the RC aircraft,” said Johns.

“And then from 10:30 am to 12 pm, we are going to have some of the best pilots, Warbirds West from the mainland, our local Paradise flyers here, to actually fly some of the best aircraft available big-time in the RC world,” Johns further explained.

KHON2.com asked as a retired general, what are the hopes that families go home with after experiencing this?

“I’d love to see a smile on a child’s face.  If we can put a sparkle in their eye and give them something that ‘wow, this is cool,’ then how can we as a museum, as parents, help a pathway for our children to obtain it.  So, it’s all about a sparkle in a child’s eye,” said Johns. “That is what it comes down to.”

How did you start, KHON2.com asked.

“I started at 14 working in a restaurant to earn a flying lesson. That was a couple decades ago,” said Johns.

“There is an opportunity for you to see a helicopter that defies physics.  And then, once you see that, I’d love to give you this transmitter and give you a chance to demonstration to all the viewing audience your skills,” added Johns.

“Its free, an open house.  What a way to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday.  But now, we have a transmitter for you and if you think about it, everything starts with a simple airplane.  So, if you’re up for it, I will give you the transmitter and turn you over to a marvelous instructor, Dave Showman from Florida, who will teach you have to fly.  The transmitter is yours.”

Flight Adventures featuring the Biggest Little Air Show returns to Ford Island at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum. 

It kicks off on Saturday but lasts all the way through Sunday. The event is free to the public.

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