HONOLULU (KHON2) — With COVID cases continuing to drop, Super Bowl was much different this year for bars and house parties.

One Waimanalo resident had a big outdoor watch party unlike any other; featuring food, fun, football, and a fundraiser for his boxing club.

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Kaui Kauhi and his friends started setting up his front yard on Thursday, putting up a 20’x20′ telivison monitor, tables, tents, chairs, signs, and painted a huge Los Angeles Rams vs. Cincinnati Bengles board.

“Nobody does it bigger than Kaui Kauhi,” said friend Champ Kaneshiro. “We’re here in Waimanalo not only to celebrate Super Bowl but to raise a lot of money for his boxing club.”

Kauhi started Four One Boxing Club about a year ago when his daughter asked him to teach her self defense before going off to high school.

It planted the seed for something bigger for the Waimanalo community.

“Kids who are having issues in life, he’ll take them in and he’ll work with them, get them to that positive mindset, they turn into boxers then they become champions,” said friend Frankie Kepa.

“A lot of them are kids with single parents or no parent guidance,” said Ramsey Silva, Four One boxing vice president. “We’re just trying to give them something to look forward to, to strive and be a champion in something or a very good person.”

Kauhi teaches 35 children between seven and 18 years of age.

In less than a year, with no funding, just donations; his group has gone to six states and he has four champions.

It’s events like this Big Game party, and donations that will help get the kids to the next tournament in Georgia next month.

“This one is so special because the money used for the Four One Boxing Club is for their trip to the mainland to represent Hawaii, and that’s what it’s all about, it is all about the kids,” Kaneshiro added.

On Sunday, Feb. 13, community members donated money, motor bikes and things like OmegasMajahGrindz food.

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“I’m very grateful for Kauhi, you know, I didn’t have this growing up and I just want to make a difference for our kids out here,” said Silva.