Big Island officials encourage reporting illegal aerial fireworks, release guidelines for Fourth of July

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — As Fourth of July approaches, Big Island police are asking for the public’s assistance in reporting the location of illegal aerial fireworks, as well as the identities of those who possess them.

It is against the law for anyone without a permit to set off aerial fireworks. Violators could be found guilty of a misdemeanor or Class C felony. This applies to parents or guardians who are responsible for minors who knowingly purchase, possess, or set off fireworks.

Big Island residents who obtain a pyrotechnic permit may only set off fireworks on July 4 between 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Even with a permit, it’s unlawful to set off fireworks at any other time.

Anyone having information about the location of illegal fireworks should call police at (808) 935-3311.

Firework guidelines for Fourth of July

Hawaii Fire Chief Kazuo Todd announced that consumer fireworks may be purchased between June 29
and July 4 (at 8 p.m.) at various retailers on the island.

There will be no paper firecrackers (which require permits to purchase and use) available for sale. However, those who have firecrackers on hand and would like to set them may purchase a permit from the fire department by calling 808-932-2911 to set up an appointment.

The Hawaii Fire Department is reminding the public that it is illegal for anyone to:

  1. Remove the powder or pyrotechnic contents from any firework;
  2. Throw firework from a vehicle;
  3. Set off any firework:
    – At any time not within the time period allowed;
    – Within 1,000 feet of any operating hospital, nursing home, home for the elderly, or animal hospital;
    – In or on any school building or property;
    – On any highway, alley, street, sidewalk, or other public way, in any park, or within 1,000 feet of a church during the periods when services are held.
  4. Offer for sale, sell, or give any firework to minors, and for any minor to possess, sell, set off, ignite, or otherwise cause to explode any firework, except under the immediate supervision of an adult.

To prevent fires and injuries caused by fireworks:

  1. Have a water hose connected to a water source or a fire extinguisher readily available. Wet down
    surrounding brush prior to setting off firework if need be.
  2. Children playing with fireworks shall be under adult supervision at all times. Even the smallest of fireworks can cause severe and sometimes fatal injuries.
  3. Fireworks should be set off in a safe area away from dry grass, buildings, vehicles, and flammable materials.
  4. Dispose of used fireworks properly by soaking in water prior to disposal.

For more information on the purchasing of firework permits, disposal of firework, or tips on the safe use of
firework, please call the Fire Prevention Bureau at 932-2911.

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