Big Island mayor released from hospital following heart attack

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HILO, Hawaii (KHON2) — Hawaii County Mayor Mitch Roth was released from the hospital on Wednesday, Jan. 20, after almost two weeks in recovery from an apparent heart attack.

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The newly inaugurated Hawaii County mayor was taken to North Hawaii Community Hospital (NHCH) on Saturday, Jan. 9, for what he described as discomfort in his chest.

After further monitoring, a second evaluation of health was conducted and the mayor was discharged from the hospital.

“Today the doctors reviewed the numbers. They saw how well he was doing. He was able to, you know, stand up, walk around and really got to return to like normal. And so because of that they were able to let him go today.”

Cyrus Johnasen, Public Information Officer with Mayor Mitch Roth’s Office

Mayor Mitch Roth’s office said, the mayor was in good spirits when he left the hospital around noon. He will continue his recovery at home for the next few days after surgeries for a stent procedure and to insert a pacemaker.

“We know that he got a pacemaker yesterday. So, because of that, that’s going to be another little bit of recovery time. They did have to cut open some tissue to get that in there,” said Johnasen.

He said, Mayor Roth has been working from the hospital and will continue working at home on upcoming projects like the sustainability summit in March and getting Mayor Roth’s cabinet confirmed through the city council.

“We’ve been trying to keep him away from his computer and his iPad,” said Johnasen. “It hasn’t worked so well. But, you know, I think he’ll be doing the same thing he’s been doing which just following up, getting to his emails, looking at you know the different projects we have going on and trying to give that guidance.”

Johnasen said, there is no word yet as to when Mayor Roth will be back to the office. It could take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks.

“Everybody’s been pouring out so much aloha and so much love to him and his family and, you know, he’s very very thankful for all of that. We just ask that you know folks respect his recovery time, and give them the space he needs to to get back in full swing,” said Johnasen.

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