HONOLULU (KHON2) — Banan, the Oahu-grown company known for its dairy-free, sugar-free, banana-based soft-serve ice cream, has just expanded its repertoire with the launch of a new line of frozen treats.

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The “Chee Hoo” bars, featuring a chocolate coating, are now available for purchase at Foodland locations across Oahu.

Chee Hoo bars are crafted locally on Oahu and boast a blend of clean, wholesome ingredients, maintaining Banan’s commitment to offering a guilt-free indulgence.

At the heart of these frozen delights is the same banana-based ice cream that has made Banan a household name among locals.

The Chee Hoo bars come in three flavors: Banana Bliss, Double Chocolate, and Roasted Coffee.

“Our focus is to connect people to the story of their food with dreams of a Hawaii that can feed itself. Banán hopes to be a part of this change through offering exciting tropical foods and flavors, while using the business as a vessel to not only support local agriculture but inspire its growth,” said Banan co-founder Matt Hong.

Established in 2015, Banan has been a pioneer in the plant-based soft-serve industry.

The company’s commitment to a dairy-free and sugar-free product made entirely from bananas has resonated with health-conscious consumers.

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The company has grown from its original food truck on Monsarrat Avenue to two stores in Waikiki and a recent addition in Kaimuki.