Baggage, belongings, wrecked on Mother’s Day

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If you travel you know that luggage can get banged up along the way. 

For an Ewa Beach woman who came home from the mainland on Mother’s Day — her suitcase was destroyed — as were many of her belongings. 

The damage to Saxton’s belongings is dramatic. 

Her suitcase never appeared at baggage claim because it had been destroyed.

Before Melody Saxton knew about it — she called Hawaiian Airlines while her friend drove her home — so she could get her car and return to the airport with her daughter.

The employee asked why she would leave the airport without checking at the airline counter.

“So she tells me the reason why you don’t have your bag is because it’s been totaled. and I saw the pictures, and so we’re going to have to do the claim and we don’t usually do it over the phone, so you shouldn’t have left, she kept going on about how I shouldn’t have left the airport.”

The employee hung up on her.

Saxton has only been told that her luggage got dragged.

Some five hours later, the replacement suitcase and belongings were presented to her.

“When I got it, the Hawaiian Airlines individuals told me to go through everything, when I got it and see what’s missing so they can cut me a check. and I was like, well, I was like really anxious I was emotional, I hadn’t seen my stuff yet, it was in this different bag, and that’s when I went on Facebook live.”

The U.S Department of Transportation says airlines are liable for damage to luggage and contents under their control. 

The maximum airlines are required to pay for domestic travel, is $3,500. For international travel, about $1,600.

“The biggest thing I wanted to get out of this like obviously is the reimbursement for my items, but the way I was treated like, with my daughter, on Mother’s Day, for like five hours straight, they watched me cry, they watched me on the floor, with my things, like, not one of them said ‘sorry.'”

Hawaiian Airlines says it takes proper transport of baggage seriously and it was disappointing to learn about damage to the bag during transfer from another carrier. 

Hawaiian says it has contacted Saxton to apologize and to initiate a reimbursement claim — as well as returning her belongings.

Hawaiian Airlines also shared links to information that travelers should know — before packing.

Here is information about what guests should do in the event a bag is damaged or lost:

Our Contract of Carriage has more details:

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