Back-to-school wellness: One fitness coach has an early morning workout for students

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HONOLULU (KHON2 — Heading back to the classroom can be stressful for some students. One fitness coach is coming out with a wellness routine geared towards students.

Kanika Nikki Utley is a F45 coach and author who said going back to school is already a challenging time for some students, and going back to school during a pandemic can cause added stress.

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That’s why she came out with a mindful movement exercise routine to help students focus and tackle the new school year.

“Mindful movement is so important for helping kids focus and get their mind right for that particular activity, so they can take that proper action,” said Utley. “Whether it’s acing a quiz or doing some sort of activity in gym or maybe an art project whatever that project is.”

Utley said this has been a tough year for adults with closures, regulations and adapting to a new normal and because of that, Utley said we shouldn’t forget about the kids.

“They have been in the house all day with their moms and dads and are trying to figure out activities to do, and then getting outdoors if it’s limited is tough for kids,” said Utley. “So, what are they going to do with all that extra energy and how are they going to focus, especially when they get back to school?”

Utley offers five easy steps every kid can do after they wake up. She said although her routine is geared towards students, everyone should participate. Watch the video below.

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“I love working with kids. I am a kid at heart myself. I have a lot of kid energy, and I feel like if we all remember what it is like to be a kid, then we will understand why kids need mental wellness as well,” said Utley. 

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