HONOLULU (KHON2) — Parents of a baby born on the side of the H-3 freeway are grateful for the dispatcher on the other end of a 911 call. For the first time, the EMS official and the family met face-to-face.

Back in September, we interviewed the family when the baby was just a couple of days old. Now we get to capture this wonderful reunion with the EMS dispatcher who helped them. With the family’s approval, officials also gave us the recording of the 911 call that day.

About three months ago, baby Kaniela Mahoe decided it was time to meet mom and dad. The only problem, they were on the H-3 at the time.

“Obviously there was a lot of pain involved and we’ve never done something like that before,” said father Chad Mahoe.

Fortunately for the veteran parents who’ve delivered their first 5 babies in the hospital, they had their cell phone, reception, and more importantly a calm voice on the other end Paramedic and EMS Dispatcher Emily Zuckernick.

“I could hear Anela screaming and I’m pretty familiar with that yell and I thought oh this baby is coming, they need to pull over,” said Zuckernick.

The couple braced for what was about to come next, baby Kaniela.

“He (Chad) was amazing. He was just so calm he just listened. He was so encouraging and supporting and loving of his wife and wife was spectacular,” said Zuckernick.

“I’m just so grateful that she was there to help us in that stressful situation and help us deliver our little boy,” said mother Anela Mahoe.

Zuckernick has been a paramedic since 1999. And for the past 2 to 3 years she’s been dispatching fulltime.

“So to be able to hear his first cry,” said Zuckernick, “and to see him, you know, this amazing baby that is just perfect, you know, and his parents that are just awesome, you know, it’s wonderful. I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

“For us, I guess filled with joy just knowing that she’s been working for so long and she’s done it before but it was just grateful that she did it again and it was for us,” said Chad.