HONOLULU (KHON2) — Working families know it’s hard to schedule time for every high school game. Streaming makes it easier to stay tuned, but if a site says they’ll let you watch only if you provide personal or financial information.

“This is actually a con,” said Roseann Freitas Better Business Bureau Hawaii Marketplace Manager. “And once they’ve given that information, the person on the other end has it and then they actually don’t get to see a game at all.”

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Some channels carry local high school sports, and certain schools stream their games online. But the key is, that it’s free. The BBB said scammers will always try to get you to open your wallet.

“So once they start to ask for payment information, it should be a red flag going up that maybe this is not a legitimate streaming service,” said Freitas.

And with so many owning camera phones, it never hurts to reach out to friends who are at the game to see if they can send you a live feed.

“Check with your friends and see if they’re streaming it, but also if the school is streaming it, then reach out to the school, check out their website and see if they actually have a link to it,” said Freitas.

Other tips for avoiding sports streaming scams, research any website before putting money or information down. Also, check the website’s security by looking for the ‘s’ in the https at the beginning of the URL address.

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And use caution before clicking especially with unsolicited text messages, emails or social media posts with links to a stream.