Attorney: Katherine Kealoha in solitary confinement for her own protection

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Katherine Kealoha is in solitary confinement and her attorney says it’s for her own protection.

Earle Partington says it has something to do a with a complaint Katherine filed against another inmate.

This comes as a judge has pushed back the date for her sentencing along with her husband, Louis Kealoha, and two former police officers. That is now scheduled for March.

Katherine has been with the general population at the Federal Detention Center ever since she was found guilty in June of conspiracy and obstruction. But Partington says she was placed in solitary confinement also known as the SHU (Special Housing Unit) 10 days ago.

“There was apparently a problem, not a violent problem, but a problem with another female inmate. And the government decided to put her up in the SHU to protect her from anything possibly happening,” said Partington.

“So there was an inmate threatening her?” KHON2 asked.

“No, there was apparently some dissatisfaction about this inmate’s attitude,” said Partington.

Partington says Katherine and two other inmates filed a complaint, so all three are in the SHU and he’s not sure when they’ll be back in the general population.

“Katherine and some others were unhappy with this other inmate and I think Katherine and two others may have gone up to the SHU,” he said.

This comes as the judge has pushed back the sentencing dates for Katherine, her husband Louis , and former HPD officers Derek Hahn and Bobby Nguyen.

It’s because the defense and prosecutors disagree on the sentencing guidelines. Prosecutors want the judge to consider them guilty of violating the Puana’s civil rights. But the defense says the jurors did not make that determination when they reached the verdict.

“It makes a difference under the guidelines. There’s a guideline for deprivation of civil rights, which is a lot higher than the obstruction of justice,” said Birney Bervar, Hahn’s attorney.

The Kealohas will be sentenced on March 17. Hahn and Nguyen are scheduled for the following day.

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