HONOLULU (KHON2) — The 50th Honolulu Marathon took place today, Dec. 11, and athletes from around the world descended on Honolulu to capture the glory of winning the race.

Asefa Mengstu of Ethiopia completed the marathon in two hours, fourteen minutes and forty-one seconds even in the particularly windy conditions of the race. Not a personal best for this globetrotting marathon runner but an exceptional time nonetheless.

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“The wind was very bad,” Mengstu said. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. It surprised me how tough the wind was.”

Bere Ayalew also of Ethiopia won the women’s division of the Honolulu Marathon. Her time was two hours, thirty minutes and fifty-eight seconds even as the wind swirled. Her personal best was set earlier this year in Eindhoven, Netherlands with a time of two hours, twenty-two minutes and fifty-two seconds.

“It was really difficult today with the wind and to run the whole way with no pacemaker,” she said. “And the up and down [of the hills] was also very challenging. I was trying to run a good time.”

According to the Honolulu Marathon, Mengstu’s best time is two hours, four minutes and six seconds; and World Athletes listed that time occurring at Dubai Standard Chartered Marathon in 2018.

For Ayalew, World Athletes sets her as being ranked 109 amongst female marathon runners. This was first Honolulu Marathon.

“Between 33 to 35 kilometers was when I had planned to start to push,” said Mengstu. “It was very hard to be alone and to push over the last five kilometers, but it was my target to win and that’s why I survived it.”

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The Honolulu Marathon listed Titus Ekiru from Kenya completing the marathon in two hours, seven minutes and fifty-nine seconds in 2018 as the marathon’s best time; and for the women’s division, Brigid Kosgei of Kenya was clocked at two hours, twenty-two minutes and fifteen seconds in 2017.