‘Arrow’ star ditches fans to pose with Mililani baby dressed as a Pokémon

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A 9-month-old baby girl from Mililani is getting attention across the world thanks to a cute costume and a TV star.

Little Kiyomi stole the show at Comic Con Honolulu over the weekend dressed as Magikarp, a fish-like Pokémon that’s often portrayed as flopping on the ground.

One of her biggest fans was “Arrow” star John Barrowman, who plays Malcolm Merlyn on the CW show.

“He came running out from his own autograph line. He ditched all his fans and came and laid right next to her,” said Kiyomi’s mother, Emi Ishii. “Honestly, at the time, I had no idea who he was. I was just like alright, here’s a guy he wants to pose with her. That’s cool. Then when I saw the image going crazy on the Internet, I’m like, who is this person? What is going on?'”

Barrowman posted a picture of Kiyomi on Instagram with the caption, “I just met the most adorable little fish.”

The photos have been picked up by Buzzfeed, and Ishii says she also saw it shared in a Hong Kong news clip.

Ishii says Kiyomi’s costume is actually an old costume that she made before the Pokémon Go craze exploded.

As for Kiyomi’s next costume, Ishii says she’d prefer to keep that a secret.

I just met the most adorable little fish:) #Hawaii JB

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