HONOLULU (KHON2) — Chris Marvin is a seven year U.S. Army Veteran. He was wounded during deployment to Afghanistan in 2004 that forced him to medically retire. Memorial Day is a time he remembers those he served alongside with who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“Think about who they would really want to protect today,” said Chris Marvin, a U.S. Army veteran and Everytown for Gun Safety consultant. “I think it was those 19 kids in Texas. It’s the teenagers here who are out on the wrong foot and getting into fights and using those guns.”

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The veteran said the recent gun violence is the opposite of what those risking their lives are fighting for.

“I served in the Army, and I went to combat and at that point I understood the gravity of having a firearm in my hands and having the ability to potentially take away a human life. I’m concerned. A lot of people who own guns don’t think about that,” Marvin said.

Honolulu police are investigating several gun related cases. HPD is looking for two separate attempted murder suspects. One in a Waikiki shooting that happened on May 25 and another in Moilili on May 20. Police are also still investigating the Thomas Square shooting.

“Hawaii was very close to being one of those mass shootings,” Marvin said. “One more victim in the Thomas Square shooting and we would’ve been one of those mass shootings. It’s an issue that hits close to home and it happens more often than most people think.”

It’s not just Oahu, Maui police are seeing an increase in ghost gun cases. The Maui Police Department is seeing an increase in ghost gun cases. MPD recovered 16 ghost guns as of April, compared to 11 for all of 2021.

“We also want the residents not only on Maui, but the entire state to come forward anonymously and report anyone who may be in possession or is manufacturing these illegal ghost guns,” said Randy Esperanzo, Assistant Chief of Police.

Marvin said the recent gun violence across the state should be a wake up call for more to be done.

“Making sure keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people,” Marvin said. “Making sure our background check systems are strong and they don’t have loopholes. Making sure people who do have guns have proper training, and they’re storing them safely.”

The Army veteran said service members fight for protection, peace and safety, but it takes everyone to help.

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“We owe it to those service members to protect people from gun violence,” said Marvin.