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The U.S. Army has finalized its environmental impact statement (EIS) assessing the construction and operation of a 50-megawatt biofuel-capable power generation plant at Schofield Barracks.

The final EIS incorporates public comments received on the draft statement, which was published in April. Only minor factual corrections and edits were made to the text. No substantive changes to the alternatives considered or the findings of the impact analysis were required or made, officials said.View the final EIS online here.

Next, the Army will make a final decision on whether to proceed with the project. A decision should be made before the year’s end.

If approved, the Army would lease Hawaiian Electric an 8.13-acre parcel of land on which to construct, own, operate and maintain the plant.

The Schofield Generating Station Project would be a secure, inland source of renewable power that would benefit Oahu residents by supplying power to the island-wide grid during normal operations, officials said.

The generating station project would also provide energy security for Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, and Field Station Kunia by serving as a backup source of power during power outages. Electricity produced from using renewable biofuels would help the Army and the state achieve renewable energy goals.

The EIS evaluates the impacts of the proposed action (to proceed with the project) and the no-action alternative on the following: land use; airspace use; visual resources; air quality, including climate and greenhouse gasses; noise; traffic and transportation; water resources; geology and soils; biological resources; cultural resources; hazardous and toxic substances; socioeconomics, including environmental justice; and utilities and infrastructure. Impacts would be less than significant for all resources, and beneficial effects would be expected for some resources.

Copies of the EIS have been sent to the following libraries: Sergeant Rodney J. Yano Main Library, Schofield Barracks; Fort Shafter Library; Wahiawa Public Library; Mililani Public Library; Waialua Public Library; University of Hawaii libraries, to include the Thomas H. Hamilton Library, Edwin H. Mookini Library, Maui College Library, and Kauai Community College Library; Hawaii State libraries, to include the Kaimuki Regional Library, Kaneohe Regional Library, Pearl City Regional Library, Hawaii Kai Regional Library, Hilo Regional Library, Kahului Regional Library, Lihue Regional Library, and the Hawaii State Library Documents Center; the Legislative Reference Bureau Library; and the City and County of Honolulu Department of Customer Services Municipal Library.

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