HONOLULU (KHON2) — Have you noticed the paid parking signs at Ala Moana Center? Well, get ready to see more of them. The system was first implemented in April and is being rolled out in phases in designated areas throughout the shopping center. There are currently four locations.

The reason?

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In a statement to KHON2 on Thursday, Aug. 25, the Vice President and Senior General Manager of Ala Moana Center said:

“We recently implemented a paid parking program for non-customers of Ala Moana Center as a way to alleviate the overflow parking from neighboring businesses, while still offering free parking for our own customers.”

Jake Wilson, Ala Moana Center VP and Senior General Manager

On Friday, Aug. 26, Ala Moana Center gave a response to how they will determine if someone who parks in the structure is a paying customer or not. Here’s what they said:

“While it is our company policy not to discuss security protocols, vigilant software and visual cues, such as security/enforcement seeing a person exit a vehicle and walk off property, will be used to identify violators.”

Ala Moana Center

And for violators who don’t pay to park, there’s a monetary fine equivalent to a full 24-hour rate, plus a $25 citation fee.


The parking signs have a QR code that links to the Premium Parking website (and app) where the hourly rates for available stalls are listed.

There is no validation system. Ala Moana Center said that there is also no physical parking pass being issued — everything is done through the app.

At last check, to reserve one stall in advance at 1450 Ala Moana Blvd. for one hour costs $2.88. But with the $0.12 tax and $1.30 service fee, the total comes out to $4.30 per hour.

NOTE: The service fee lowers to $0.25 if you book the stall upon arrival.

There are also cheaper stalls at 1441 Kapiolani Blvd. for $1.92 per hour. Most stalls are located on Street Level 1, Ewa Wing and on the Coral Level. Click here to find a stall.


  • 1 hour: $2.88
  • 2 hours: $5.76
  • 3 hours: $8.63
  • 4 hours: $11.51
  • 6 hours: $14.39
  • 10 hours: $19.18
  • 24 hours: $28.78

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Ala Moana Center would like to highlight that parking is still free for customers and says there are 11,000 free parking options surrounding the property, including 4,500 parking spaces located in the Mauka Ewa Parking Structure.