Analysis: Honolulu has ‘good’ average credit score, in 85th percentile

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A person’s credit score has always been used as a key indicator of one’s financial performance, so the personal finance website WalletHub evaluated the average credit scores of residents in 2,570 cities to determine 2016’s Cities with the Highest & Lowest Credit Scores.

The average credit score in Honolulu is 709, which falls into the “Good” category and ranks in the 85th percentile relative to all other cities, with the 99th percentile considered the best.

Here’s the breakdown of all Hawaii state cities listed in the study as ranked with their respective credit scores:

194. Kailua, 719.82, 92 percentile ranking

223. Mililani Town, 717.95, 91 percentile ranking

281. Kaneohe, 714.53, 89 percentile ranking

306. Aiea, 713.27, 88 percentile ranking

374. Honolulu, 708.89, 85 percentile ranking

451. Pearl City, 705.44, 82 percentile ranking

792. Hilo, 690.27, 69 percentile ranking

842. Kapolei, 688.41, 67 percentile ranking

860. Wailuku, 687.62, 67 percentile ranking

994. Waipahu, 683.12, 61 percentile ranking

1040. Ewa Beach, 681.4, 60 percentile ranking

1054. Lahaina, 680.93, 59 percentile ranking

1107. Kahului, 687.71, 57 percentile ranking

1614. Wahiawa, 660.72, 37 percentile ranking

2310. Waianae, 633.99, 10 percentile ranking

Other cities of interest are Los Angeles (1933, 649.7, 25 percentile ranking), Oakland (1935, 649.65, 25 percentile ranking) and Las Vegas (2338, 632.83, 9 percentile ranking).

In order to identify the cities with the highest and lowest credit scores, WalletHub’s analysts compared the average credit scores of residents in each of 2,570 U.S. cities as of September 2015, based on TransUnion data. A rank of “1” corresponds with the city with the highest credit score. The description of “city” refers to city proper and excludes surrounding metro areas.

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