HONOLULU (KHON2) — Many families are eager to get their Christmas tree now, and tree farms and vendors are ready for the rush.

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Today, Helemano Farms opened the gates for families to pick out their own locally grown Christmas tree. They said that they’re expecting a very busy turnout especially on black Friday.

Aaron O’Brien, owner of Helemano Farms, said “it’s pretty much one of our workers bring out the customer, they choose the tree, we cut it, we bail it and tie it to their car. So, it’s a family experience where they actually got to interact with each other.”

Families can take as long as they like to pick out a tree. They said that sometimes it has taken up to an hour for families to come to an agreement on their perfect Christmas centerpiece, while others decide right away.

“This is our favorite family tradition, to come up here and get a tree.”

Brooke Barber

Helemano Farms said that they have four to five-thousand trees for folks to choose from. “We did have a bad drought this year, and the prices have gone up about 20 percent,” said O’Brien.

In town, Tajiri’s will begin selling trees on Sunday.

They have about 24-hundred ready to go. “How it works is the first three days we only sell flocked trees, which is the weight snow effect trees. And then after that, we’ll start selling the green trees; and we’ll sell both. And yes, it is first come first serve except for people who have pre-order.” Said Ami Tajiri.

Tajiri’s will be open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day until sold out.

For a full scheduled:

  • Tajiri’s by Ala Moana Center by Atkinson Trolly Depot

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Helemano Farms will be open Sunday from 10 a.m. until dark for Norfolk trees only. The farm will reopen the day after Thanksgiving.