HONOLULU (KHON2) – Here at Aloha Stadium, so many memories from sports games, not a sports person, to concerts, which is usually my game, but a lot more events, monster trucks, and so many other things have taken place at the grand Aloha Stadium. 

You now are going to have the chance to get some of these memorabilia items throughout the stadium and take them home through some actions which are already taking place. 

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To find out more, we are here with Samantha Spain who is the Marketing and Sales Specialist. 

I hear that these actions, the first round, have already kicked off. 

What are some of the items that are available?

“Correct. So, we just kicked off our first auction with Oahu Auctions,” says Spain.

“We are super excited to have them on board.  It was a huge task because we basically have 50,000 seats that we can auction off.  So, this current one, we have 500 items all the way from turf, synthetic turfs, to seats to some memorabilia with signed autographs. It’s very interesting to go on and focus on the memorabilia and the history of over 47 years.”

Talk about the memories that have taken place here at the stadium. 

Over the nearly 50 years, what has taken place here?

“You know, we’ve had opening with C&K and Kalapana who opened up the stadium back in 1975,” says Spain.

“Since then, we have, of course, University of Hawaii, our youth football. We’ve seen Marcus when he was doing pop warner and playing with St Louis. So, we have seen all of the kids grow up, everyone’s families have been here. This really has been one of the best gathering places to come to watch sports, like you said, concerts. We’ve had Michael Jackson do his last tour here.  So, it’s a variety, it’s a family setting. So, while we are sad to see it go, we are excited for new opportunities. But we are really excited to offer different items to all of our Hawaii ohana here.”

And aside from the auctions starting at the beginning of next year, you will be giving some tours in areas that would have been off-limits for people. 

Tell us a little bit about that.

“Correct. So, we are super excited as part of a closing ceremony, you know we want to make sure to pay tribute to this stadium that has been so good to us, so starting in January for roughly about couple months, we will be having tours,” says Spain.

“We will be having our sports museum which not a lot of people get to see and it’s a lot of the history from the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame from the early 1900s to of course Pro Bowl items.  They will be able to come through the locker rooms, a little memory lane there. We will take you out to the best part on the field.  Taking your photos on the field, running down the field, kicking some footballs, you name it. They will be able to do that. So, all of that will be on our website.”

One other thing we haven’t mentioned just yet, there is a special for season ticket holders. 

Some have requested for their specific seat, that is a possibility. 

You have to go to their website, and you will be able to find out more as you go through the process. 

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So, for all the information including the website link and how to register, click here.