MANOA, Hawaii (KHON2) — A decades-old wedding album found in a New York airport has been tied to an Oahu church.

Albany International Airport learned which church the photos were taken in, but the parish is still trying the rightful owner.

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The album could be 40 to 50 years old, or even older. A former parishioner of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Manoa recognized the reredos after Albany International Airport put the word out that they had found the aloha-embroidered book.

The reredos — the ornamental screen on the wall behind the altar — at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church is a hand-carved koa wood art piece that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

“I couldn’t believe it, it was quite a coincidence. And I think the people in the congregation felt the same way when we saw that, ‘Wait, there’s a picture of the inside of our church!'”

Karl Bachman, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church music director

Airport officials said they have had the album in their lost-and-found for a few years and want to find its rightful home.

“You do one wedding album, you don’t do four or five. So this is important that we get things like this back to those people,” said Doug Myers, Albany International Airport public affairs director.

While the reredos is distinct enough to be identified, both airport and church officials hope someone recognizes the faces in the album as well.

“People are looking at it and they believe the picture might be from the 1968 to ’78 timeframe,” Bachman said. “But we want to get the pictures to the congregation.”

“Maybe one of them will see it and go, ‘Oh, that’s so-and-so!’ And then help us identify,” he said.

“Imagine that you were that couple and you lost your wedding album, if that couple is still around and still a couple, they might really like to receive that album.”

Karl Bachman, Our Redeemer Lutheran Church music director

The album will remain in New York — airport officials asked anyone who recognizes the couple to call (518)-242-2230.

Marriages are recorded at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, but they need to match faces to names to find out who to return the album to. They said the more eyes, the better.

“We just need help. And the more people that see it, hopefully, eventually someone will recognize someone in there,” Myers said.

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“And we would be thrilled to be able to help that happen, you know, to serve them and share the love with them,” Bachman said.