Ala Moana crash victim: ‘I wish I can go back and take a different road.’

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Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard says last night’s multiple pedestrian crash was a senseless tragedy.

Three people were killed in that crash. Two have been identified by the medical examiner’s office as 39-year-old Travis Lau of Honolulu and 26-year-old Casimir Pokorny of Oreland, Pennsylvania.
The third victim has not yet been identified. Sources say the driver is 27-year-old Alins Sumang. He’s still in the hospital but is expected to be arrested for manslaughter when he’s released.     

Police believe excessive speed and alcohol were factors in the crash. One of the victims is speaking out as she recovers in the hospital.

Lianna McCurdy was standing on a pedestrian island when she was hit by the truck with her boyfriend and a couple visiting them from Pennsylvania. It will take months before she recovers from her injuries from her head to her toes. 

There’s also the emotional toll of losing a friend from this horrible incident. That will likely take much longer heal.

“I just remember hearing a big smash and then I was on the ground and there were EMS around us and my friends and I got taken to the ambulance,” said McCurdy.

The 21-year-old says she was knocked out cold after getting hit. She has cuts and bruises all over her feet, legs, across her back and her head. 

Some of the blood on her hair is still not fully washed off. She has a fractured vertebrae, and had internal bleeding in her brain, lungs. 

“I’m still in shock and I can’t make sense of it . We literally had the best day we went on a hike, ate food and it was my friends’ last night so we were gonna go over to the beach and watch the sunset,” she said.

One of those friends is Pokorny who died at the scene, her boyfriend’s best friend. There were four of them standing on that island when it happened. Lianna’s mother is still in disbelief.

“He was standing right next to her she’s here if it had been the other way around I would have lost my girl. I’m sorry. I’m just so thankful,” said Debbie McCurdy.

Like everyone else, she still can’t make sense of what happened. And at this point she says she doesn’t really have any ill feelings towards the driver.

“It’s just a freak accident and something that we have to come to terms with no matter what. It’s happened so I can’t go back. I wish I can go back and take a different road. I wish that we had decided to stay in the restaurant five minutes longer but you just never know so you just have to accept it,” said Lianna.

When asked why she wanted to speak out. she said she wanted to show the consequences of drinking and driving. As one of the victims she also wanted to show her face even though she considers herself one of the lucky ones.

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