For years now, the City and County of Honolulu has been planning to make some changes and upgrades to the “People’s Park,” but not everyone is happy about the latest ideas being floated. 

People say that the second draft environmental impact statement has raised more concerns than the previous one. This includes a one acre playgound and replenishing the beach shoreline.”
The group “Save Ala Moana Beach Park Hui” facilitated the meeting and it’s against most of the big physical changes. 

 It wants  to see more work being done to improve the facilities that are already there. 

“There’s been a whole lot of talk about spending things, but not a whole lot of how do you maintain it,  said Sharlene Chun-Lum with Save Ala Moana Beach Park Hui. “Because right now, the question of rail, the question of roads… you know so many questions of things not being covered that… we love the park, we want you to take car of it, but we don’t necessarily think you need to spend more money on it.”

Aside from the playground, the big physical changes the City has proposed include the addition of a dog park, perpendicular parking stalls and a shared use path along the Makai side of the park. 

City officials say they’re open to hear what the public has to say.

“We’ll use whatever we find in the impact statement to find if there’s any impacts, and then the decision makers which in this case would be the mayor will receive all that information and make a determination as to whether we want to go forward with something or not,” said Robert Kroning, City Director of Design and Construction.

He says the ultimate decision of how the beach-park will change will be made by the City Council and the mayor.

The deadline for public comments on the latest environmental impact statement draft is March 25th. To submit a comment on the changes, you can visit this website.

Kroning says they hope to publish the final EIS in September.