HONOLULU (KHON2) — Southwest Airlines has unveiled a special airplane as a tribute to Hawaii on Friday.

Imua One will be soaring the skies designed with flowers that represent each of the four islands that the airline serves:  Oahu, Kauai, Maui and Big Island.

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Staying true to the Southwest logo colors the plane has a gradient transition from blue to yellow which the airline said also represents the evolution from night to day.

Southwest said the colors honor the Hawaiian history of journeying the Pacific by using the sky and its sun stars and moon to navigate.

The Imua One aircraft designed as a tribute to Hawaii by Southwest Airlines. (Southwest Airlines)

These eight central visual elements were incorporated onto the Imua One:

  • Ohana (Family)
  • Honu (Turtle)
  • Aina (Land)
  • Ama (Support)
  • Hoku (Star)
  • Kai (Ocean)
  • Lokahi (Unity)
  • Imua (Forward)

Imua One marks four years since the carrier debuted in the islands.

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Southwest said the aircraft was designed by Osaki Creative Group with the guidance of a Hawaiian cultural practitioner.