HONOLULU (KHON2) — For many travelers, the weather has thrown a wrench into their holiday plans, from a Kona low in the islands to a blizzard storm on the mainland. Hawaiian Airlines said it canceled 37 flights today, leading to numerous delays.

“The first notification that we were delayed from 7 to 11 a.m. was last night. Then this morning it ended up being delayed again from 11 to 11:40,” traveler Helene Agbayani said.

Marie Royce was delayed over four hours for her flight out of Long Beach.

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“I called the airline directly to check in just to make sure everything was on track and they said there was some weather issues, so actually for me, I felt really confident that they were really watching the weather so for me the delay wasn’t a problem at all,” she said.

Delays might persist as holiday travel continues this week. The National Weather Service said a strong artic high-pressure system is slated to move across the Midwest.

“I’d pack a carry-on, the carry on I’d make sure I have extra socks, extra underclothes, extra T-shirts and bring a mask.,” UH Manoa Shidler College of Business Travel Industry Management Professor Jerry Agrusa said. “Bring the hand gel sanitizer and you know, in case you get stuck, like what happened to Maui yesterday, right? They shut the airport down. People were sleeping in the airport at least they have some way to clean,”

Hawaiian Airlines is now offering a travel waiver for all guests who have booked flights departing Dec. 20-25 for domestic and neighbor island travel.

Don’t expect many refunds for weather-related events and delays, but Agrusa said it is easier to get help if you book directly with the airline.

“if you do go directly to the airlines such as Southwest and Hawaiian or Alaska, there’s more likely you’ll be getting sympathy, and you can change your ticket. You might not get a refund; you’ll get a credit,” Agrusa said.

Travelers said that signing up for text alerts saved their stress and time.

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“For me to get those text alerts really does help me plan my trip here, Also helps me get in contact with my family members so they know what’s happening,” Agbayani said.