HONOLULU (KHON2) — It’s a fact that speaks volumes. One in every eight Americans has worked at a McDonalds, and not just any American.

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“There are people like astronauts, and Jeff Bezos who started [their] first job at McDonald’s,” said Victor Lim, Hawaii McDonald’s owner and operator. “Today he’s the second richest guy in the world”.

Lim is the owner and operator of five McDonald’s restaurants on Oahu.

“The great thing about what McDonald’s offers is skills for people,” Lim added.

And its a job almost anyone who applies for can get.

Except for a certain KHON2 weatherman who was welcomed to the Kailua McDonalds to earn his golden arches.

“I applied at McDonald’s in college” said Justin Cruz. “They never called me back so let’s make up for it.”

With uniform and nametag Cruz got his chance to go behind the counter.

Making golden fries, working the drive though counter and then assembling what he said is truly his favorite food item; The Big Mac.

Lim said McDonald’s offers everything from basic benefits to tuition assistance for employees who want to learn a trade or go to college.

He also added that 90% of restaurant managers started as crew members.

A typical McDonald’s will have about a dozen employees working at any given time, with about 50 plus or minus on the pay roll.

For one day, the Kailua McDonald’s added one more employee to the roster.

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Cruz finally got the job he failed to land on the mainland 30 years ago.