After 10-year-old was hit near Laniakea Beach, residents and lawmakers want changes

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – A 10-year-old boy was hit by a car near Laniakea beach around 2:30 p.m. This afternoon.

He was taken to the hospital by EMS in serious condition.

“I saw this young man dart between the cars on the Mauka side. Another car was coming from the sunset direction and hit him,” said Robert Justice, who witnessed the incident.

“He was hurt pretty bad. It was horrific to see him fly through the air and just land there.”

Robert Justice

Laniakea Beach draws thousands of tourists a day to see turtles basking on the beach. However, many have to cross Kamehameha Highway to do so.

Robert Justice, who also represents the Laniakea area in the North Shore Neighborhood Board, said in the past week, he’s gotten three to four calls and e-mails a day from residents wanting know if anything will be done to fix the situation. He said he’s asked the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

“I ask them on a consistent basis, what they’re going to do, and three months ago the answer was we’re at an impasse right now and nothing may ever get done,” said Justice.

However, he said something needs to be done now.

“The main thing is safety is an issue. You know and we’ve known this day is coming. We’ve talked about it, we’ve warned the DOT about it,” said Justice. “Someone’s going to die.”

Hawaii State Senator Gil Riviere, who represents that area, said throughout the years, many proposals to increase safety in the area have been made.

“We have proposed just about every option or every idea that has been conceived. I think we’ve presented, whether its an overpass, an underpass, traffic light, crosswalks,” said Riviere. “Every single option has been left on the table by the Department of transportation. They haven’t picked up on one.”

Riviere said he’s not giving up.

“Presently we’re working with the Hawaii tourism authority to get them on board to have a where they pay for the crossing guards and help mitigate the pedestrian chaos that occurs every day,” said Riviere.

KHON has asked the Hawaii Department of Transportation if they have plans to make changes to that area. The story will be updated once we hear back.

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