HONOLULU (KHON2) — It is the type of training that police officers and first responders never wish to put to use; active shooter training is a vital piece of Honolulu police and firefighter training to protect the community. 

The “Active Attack Integrated Response” training involves City and State first responder agencies, like Honolulu Police Department, Honolulu Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services and the sheriff’s department.

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The training is made to feel as real as possible, starting with dispatch alerting officers of shots fired. 

HFD Battalion Chief Craig Uchimura said, “The three priorities are to stop the killing, stop the dying and rapid casualty evacuation and this definitely gives us more confidence to get into the scene a lot faster.”

The training recreated an active threat inside a school, a scenario that is far too real around the nation. 

Shortly after the first officer arrived at an undisclosed location on West Oahu, the gunman was neutralized within a couple of minutes, taking a hot zone to a warm zone. 

Firefighters geared up with bulletproof vests and helmets. 

Police surround firefighters as they enter the scene, even if the gunman was neutralized they remain on high alert. 

“At any time this warm zone could go back to a hot zone, so we always have to have our guard up,” Uchimura said. “As you saw, law enforcement exits the building and faces towards the building to protect the medical responders coming out.”

This scenario focused on a school response, the Department of Education holds independent active shooter training through a consultant. This is done at the request of the school, and it completed 51 trainings in the last few years. 

The DOE said more training is being scheduled for this academic year. 

Meanwhile, police, fire and EMS are looking to apply the integrated training to real life. 

HPD Lt. Neil Han said, “Big events, we are going to pre-stage law enforcement officers with EMS personnel or fire personnel so that there’s a quicker response, we don’t even have to form up the teams, it’s already set for big events.”

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First responder personnel rotates through the active shooter training year-round.