Acting Honolulu prosecutor subpoenaed by FBI

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The FBI has ordered Honolulu’s acting prosecutor to testify in front of a grand jury. Dwight Nadamoto made the announcement Wednesday, saying he’s done nothing wrong.

He says he plans to fully cooperate with federal investigators. Some say in light of what has already happened in that office, he should not be in the position as top prosecutor.

The fallout from the scandal involving former deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha and her husband former HPD chief Louis Kealoha, continued with prosecutor Keith Kaneshiro getting a target letter and his first deputy Chasid Sapolu getting a subject letter from the FBI.

Kaneshiro’s replacement, Dwight Nadamoto, says many others have been subpoenaed to testify to the grand jury since then. And he had not been, that is, until Monday.

“I suspect it’s because the federal government knows I have done nothing wrong and that I could not assist or provide any insights to them. However, as acting prosecuting attorney, they have asked for my help. I am glad to help them,” said Nadamoto.

He says he cannot say what type of information federal investigators want from him. Some say it likely has to do with information provided by Katherine Kealoha now that she’s agreed to cooperate with federal investigators.

“I suspect they’re gonna ask Dwight Nadamoto questions based on what Katherine Kealoha has already told them,” said Megan Kau, who is running for Honolulu prosecutor.

She says a subpoena on its own doesn’t mean Nadamoto has done something wrong. But considering everything that’s happened in that office, this looks bad.

“Why is the acting prosecutor, who is handpicked by the prosecuting attorney, who is being actively investigated by the federal government, why is he sitting in the same position? That’s the concern. The concern is not that he’s received a subpoena,” Kau said.

Grand jury proceedings at federal court are scheduled for Thursday morning.

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