HONOLULU (KHON2) — Are you willing to pay $10,000 for a premium parking spot? Well, according to one study, Hawaii residents would opt to pay that amount if it’s the perfect parking spot. 

Gunther Mazda surveyed thousands of drivers across the country to determine what would be the maximum amount they would pay to escape the stress when trying to find a parking spot at work.

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Through their study, they found that the average driver in Hawaii would pay $10,662 to own the perfect spot in their closest city and found 15% of drivers also believe the actual parking laws in their local area are too strict.

Four in five participants believe that over-price parking spots could be a sign that residential, or work areas have become unaffordable. 

The study also revealed, 71% of drivers believe there should be official limits on rental prices that private parking owners can lease.

In and around Honolulu there are smartphone apps you can download to make your parking situation a little less stressful.

PARKLINQ is a smartphone app you can use to find a parking spot from the comfort of your home. Westley Wendler and his co-founder Tyler Saenz created a way for parking to be touchless, which is something they feel can be useful during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

With people heading back into the office or with people heading downtown more often to shop, eat out, and meet up with friends, the parking situation might get worse. 

PARKLINQ will allow you to check what spots are open and let you reserve the spot ensuring you will not need to spend time circling a lot looking for that perfect spot.

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For more information on Gunther Mazda’s survey click here and for more information about PARKLINQ head to their website