Abandoned buildings frustrate Moiliili residents

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Fear and frustration from Moiliili residents over some abandoned buildings in the area. They say squatters are moving into those buildings, making the neighborhood unsafe.

Residents say the buildings have been boarded up for months and they would like the landowner, Kamehameha Schools, to fix the problem.

Residents say an apartment building on Isenberg Street has been boarded up for months. But that hasn’t stopped what they call squatters from moving in.

“At night they fight or they play music and we have no idea but it’s fighting noise or some kind of screaming,” said resident Emi Crandall.

That’s not the worst of it. They say there’s been vandalism and thefts, and are worried about what could happen next.

“They’re watching us so sometimes we go travel and they know so it is a bit concerning,” said Crandall.

A block away on Coolidge Street, there are two boarded up buildings and nearby residents expressed the same concerns, not just for themselves but for their neighbors.

“He didn’t come to my house, he came to their house and he was talking crazy about ghosts and stuff and things like that, and they actually put a restraining order on him,” said resident James Chiya.

A spokesman for Kamehameha Schools says they own the land but a property management company is in charge of keeping squatters out of the buildings.

In a statement the spokesman says the management company continues work with local law enforcement, social service providers, and a private security firm to secure the properties. The statement adds, to address the recent concerns, it has expanded the private security to monitor activities in the evening and overnight.

Kamehameha Schools plans to renovate the buildings, but is not yet ready to announce when.

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