HONOLULU (KHON2) — As we all get older, doctors say, it’s important to keep the body active — but doing so can be fun and doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Every Monday morning, you’ll find the group of seniors of the Silver & Fit class doing cardio, strength training and even a little dancing.

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“I don’t teach basic one, two, I try to make it lively, as you can see with my clothes,” said Tina Mercado who teaches the Silver & Fit class at the YMCA’s Leeward Branch.

She said her class, isn’t just about losing weight. She tries to help kupuna maintain body function when doing those everyday tasks.

“Activity, daily living, they’re driving a car, picking up something from the shelf, grabbing your grandchild up,” said Mercado.

“And I need to do it because her class doesn’t affect my knees. I have arthritis,” said student Marilyn Tanaka.

“It makes us stronger and gives us the intitiative to keep going and be strong.”

Dolly Salvatierra, Silver & Fit student

The women said their instructor encourages them to be healthy and make them feel confident.

“I enjoy her class, then when I finish, it’s like I did a total body workout. Really, it’s really good,” said Tanaka.

“It’s fun, we’re like a big family here we know each other and Tina is such a good instructor. She brings us food sometimes,” said Salvatierra.

Mercado has been teaching these kupuna for four years and still feels rewarded.

“I do because they always tell me, ‘thank you, Tina, your class was fun!’ and that just warms my heart,” explained Mercado.

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If you’re interested, this free class meets every Monday morning at 8 a.m. at the YMCA in Waipahu.