HONOLULU (KHON2) — One man is dead and another in custody after a police shooting in Kapolei last night, and it’s all tied to a recent string of carjackings.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. at the Shell gas station on Farrington Highway.

Thirty-year-old Michael Kahalehoe was shot and died at the scene.

Twenty-four-year-old Melvin Spillner was caught and arrested. Both were wanted in connection with a rash of crimes on Oahu.

Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said that five plain-clothed officers fired around 20 shots at Kahalehoe. Kahalehoe was armed and police were able to retrieve the gun after the shooting.

Police confirmed they had been following the blue Subaru because it was reported stolen.

“The officers, who were in plain clothes and driving unmarked vehicles, exited their vehicles and took up positions and identified themselves as police officers,” Ballard said.

Spillner, who had been pumping gas, tried to take off but was caught and arrested.

Kahalehoe was in the driver’s seat. He drove back and forth hitting a police car and one of the officers.

“Fearing for their own lives and that of their fellow officers, five of the officers fired their weapons striking the driver multiple times,” Ballard explained.

Police confirmed that at least 20 shots were fired at Kahalehoe. He died at the scene.

Ballard said officers will be offered three days of administrative leave, which is standard procedure.

Crimestoppers put out a bulletin for Kahalehoe, Spillner and 25-year-old Victor Gascon III Tuesday. All three are believed to be involved in a rash of recent crimes.

“The investigation will determine if they were the ones involved in the smash-and-grabs, but they are definitely the suspects in multiple armed robberies that have been occurring on this island since November 3rd,” Ballard said.

Kahalehoe’s uncle John was at the scene this morning.

“This is my nephew, the cops shot him, this boy was a good boy, he was an all-star baseball player, an all-star football player for Kapolei…from what I heard that was a stolen car. You know I stole cars when I was young. I get one more year I can retire. We all make mistakes in life. That doesn’t mean they get any authority to kill him. No matter what he did,” John said.

Kahalehoe has 17 convictions, including six felony convictions for vehicle break-ins, car theft, drugs, and weapons violations.

Spillner has six convictions, four of them felonies for car break-ins and car theft.

Police are also trying to track down a female driving a black honda who left the scene.

Victor Gascon III, remains on the loose and is still wanted in connection with multiple armed robberies. Police said Gascon was not involved with Tuesday night’s shooting.