A race to eat five half-pound burgers while giving back to the community

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It’s a contest that took enjoying Fourth of July burgers to a whole new level.

The goal: who can eat five half-pound burgers the fastest.

But it wasn’t just about eating,

The contest raised about $2,000 for Wounded Warrior Ohana. All of the money will go towards helping veterans and their families.

“There’s a big gap between what I think these heroes deserve and what our government is able to do and our organization is trying to close that gap,” said the President of Wounded Warrior Ohana Richard Rankin.

Richard Rankin is a retired colonel. He says he’s just trying to give back.

“You know when I was in Vietnam an incoming round killed a guy maybe 20 yards away. It could have been me. You think about stuff like that and it makes you wonder. It makes you feel guilty I guess sometimes,” said Rankin.

Today’s winner? Edgar Ventura, who’s currently serving the army.

He finished all five half-pound burgers in five minutes.

KHON2 asked him what’s the trick to eating five half-pound burgers.

“I think for me it’s just that I don’t take as many bites as the average person. So I naturally eat faster,” said contest winner Edgar Ventura.

Again, it wasn’t really about how many burgers you could stuff down.

“It’s for the ones that are still out there and the ones that have given the ultimate sacrifice,” said contestant Marco Rico.

“It’s the birth of the greatest country on Earth. What a celebration,” said Rankin.

A meaningful yet playful celebration on Independence Day 2019.

For more info on Wounded Warrior Ohana, check out their website here.

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