A look at the Capobianco murder trial so far and what to expect next

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We are days into the trial of Steven Capobianco, a Maui man accused of murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend, despite her body never being found. The high-profile case has already been filled with some fireworks.

Carly Scott, also known as Charli, was 27 years old and 5 months pregnant when she vanished in February 2014.

While her body was never found, investigators found parts of a jawbone, clumps of red hair, torn clothing similar to what she wore the night she disappeared.

Capobianco admits he was with her the last time anyone saw her alive, but he insists he’s innocent, saying they even chose a name for the baby, Alexander Joshua Scott.

Despite the serious allegation of murder, Capobianco has remained composed throughout the the trial.

It’s his defense team, and the prosecutors, that have lit up the courtroom with arguments.

“How can I not ask whether he’s in cahoots with the prosecutor,” said defense attorney Jon Apo.

“Judge, I object over this baseless accusation right now in front of the jury,” said prosecutor Robert River.

“But that’s what I’m trying to evidence,” Apo fired back.

Rivera told the jury that Capobianco took his ex girlfriend, Carly Scott’s life, because he did not want to be a father.

In audio recordings between Capobianco and investigators and played to the jury, the Maui man reveals the night Scott got pregnant was a drunken mistake after a bad break up with a woman prosecutors revealed as Taylor Farner.

By the time he found out she was with child, he had already moved on with a new girlfriend he calls “Cassie.”

“He confessed to her and told her, I hooked up with a quote, bar slut, unquote. And got her pregnant,” Rivera argued.

On defense, Apo fought back, insisting that Maui police immediately branded Capobianco guilty, before considering other suspects.

He brings up the possibility of a serial killer, reminding the jury of Moreira Monsalve, a Maui mother of three who disappeared weeks before Scott.

“During the time of you investigation, detective, were there rumors of a serial killer on Maui,” Apo asked Maui police lead investigator Sgt. Wendell Loo.

“Yes, sir,” Loo responded.

“And you acknowledged them during your investigation right? You acknowledged about having known about these rumors at the time you were investigating right?” questioned Apo.

“Which case are we talking about?” asked Loo.

“This case,” Apo said.

“Yes, sir,” answered Loo.

Loo was only scheduled to be on the witness stand for one day, but has been testifying for days, and is currently being cross-examined by the defense.

Expected to testify next after Loo is Scott’s mother, Kimberlyn, Scott’s sisters, and Capobianco’s ex-girlfriends.

Monday will be Day 8 of the trial. It was initially expected to last six to eight weeks.

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