HONOLULU (KHON2) — Passengers aboard the Hawaiian Airlines flight Monday morning from Boston to Honolulu were part of something pretty special.

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They may not have known it when they boarded, but they were part of a family affair marking the end of a career.

It’s the longest route Hawaiian flies, but for the McBride family, it was one trip they’ll remember and cherish every minute of.

That’s because it was the final flight for retiring Capt. Kirk McBride.

“Just overwhelming, the support that I’m getting today. From passengers, my fellow crewmembers very special day for me just been a very special day for me,” said Kirk.

Special not just because it was his final flight, but that he was joined on it by his son, First Officer Kekoa McBride in the cockpit, and his wife Lauren, who was also working as a flight attendant on board flight 89.

“It’s bittersweet I’m happy, I’m happy for him. I’m so sad I don’t get him anymore but what I’m so sad about is I don’t get to fly with him anymore. We have date night, we go on date night when we go different destinations,” said Lauren.

“I enjoyed all the memories that I made with him in different cities doing different things. It was really cool to travel to all these great destinations with my dad, my mom check it all out,” added Kekoa.

Kirk McBride was first hired by Hawaiian in 1974 at the age of 16, today’s flight was the perfect ending to a great career.

“It’s a dream I fulfilled it’s what I always wanted to do. As a kid, I would look up in the sky and see an airplane. Go over and watch them go over. I tried to learn as much about it, and just continue on and it’s been a fabulous career of fabulous life,” Kirk told KHON2.

Even though he’s hanging up his wings the traveling will no doubt continue, since the entire family still has flight benefits.

“We’ve had so much fun all over the world great memories and now we have our son here more memories now I can continue flying with him and making more memories,” added Lauren.

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“It’s remarkable that it’s finally happened. It’s just such an elated feeling looking over and seeing your son there and recognize his professionalism and see the path followed and following your footsteps,” Kirk said. “It’s just extremely gratifying to have my family here and have them all on my last flight with all the grandkids all the kids coming out, supporting me on my last flight just extra special.”