A California woman recently bitten by a shark on the Big Island is back home

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A Glendale, California woman who was recently bitten by a shark on the Big Island is back home and on her feet. 

It’s an experience many beach goers fear…And her husband witnessed it all. 

The Bishops flew back from Hawaii on May 6 to LAX. 

They say despite the near death experience, they will be going back to the Big Island…Where that shark was…Again. 

“We think the tooth of the shark ripped this,” said Kim Bishop, the shark attack survivor. 

Proudly wearing a t-shirt gift from her brother that reads: “I SURVIVED A SHARK ATTACK,” Bishop can now laugh over what happened two weeks ago while vacationing in Hawaii. 

She and her husband, whose name is also Kim were on Hawaii Island. 

“It was a beautiful morning, the water was smooth, you could see all the way down to the bottom it was just really clear.”

What was also clear, was the shark that flipped Kim’s kayak over. 

“I mean it was like a truck hit my kayak… I started yelling ‘shark! It’s a shark! And then it bit my leg right away,” she said. 

It also tried to bite her kayak and her husband heard her scream. 

“So she goes into the water and I immediately got down on my knees,  I started paddling,” said her husband, Kim Bishop, “The adrenaline took over, instincts took over. It was frightening, but you just start reacting to the situation and do what you can to take care of it. When I saw those fins I realized we’re in a real serious situation.”

The shark bit Kim’s right thigh, knee and calf. 

Fortunately a canoe team was nearby and helped carry Kim to paramedics on shore who airlifted her to the hospital. 

Kim was conscious and coherent the entire ride. 

“It looked pretty bad at that point,” she said. “But honestly as soon as there were people around me taking care of me, I just was kind of relieved and it’s like ‘okay they’ve got me.”

Mr. Kim Bishop says:  ‘I hope this is okay. I hope this is okay'”

And it was. 

Surgery lasted an hour and a half. 

Kim was able to walk and hang on the beach the next day and still has not taken any painkillers. 

“This not my first brush with the possibility of death and when your day comes, it comes. And it wasn’t my day,” she said. 

For them, nothing has changed. 

Their watchful eye for sharks, their love for one another and their sense of humor. 

“If you want to know if your spouse or your loved one really loves you, here’s how you test it, throw yourself in the ocean and start yelling ‘shark! It’s a shark!’ and see which way they swim.,” she said.

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