HONOLULU (KHON2) — Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer is quickly approaching, and transportation officials said demand for travel will likely remain high as in previous years, they ask travelers to prepare for heavy passenger traffic. 

Hawaii continues to be a dream getaway for many, and the number of arrivals shows it. The state’s daily passenger arrivals are averaging slightly better than last year for the month of May, with upwards of 30,000 passengers landing on any given day.

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The Hawaii Department of Transportation Spokesperson Jai Cunningham said travel is expected to pick up on the days leading up to Memorial Day. 

Cunningham said, “Really, starting next Wednesday or Thursday you’re going to see traffic pick at our airports statewide.”

Although May and June will likely not experience the effects of over-tourism. Several car rental agencies on Maui said they still have plenty of cars available. 

The Aloha Rent A Car Assistant Manager Ashley Oliveira said people can still get a good deal on a car rental, especially if it is before the peak of summer.

Oliveira said, “I know last year around this time it was a little bit more busier for us, it seems like we had a much higher number of reservations, this year it definitely went down a little bit.”

She said their car rental reservation starts to pick up towards the Fourth of July weekend. 

The HDOT encourages travelers to check its social media pages for travel notices, such as parking availability across Hawaii’s airport. The airport in Lihue has been filling up lately. 

Cunningham said, “So on those Thursdays and Fridays when we see the parking lot is getting full we can notify as many people as we can and then that way, you know, ok probably not going to find a parking spot, let me find a way to just get dropped off at the airport.”

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Meanwhile, a TSA spokesperson said they are prepared for heavy travel volumes leading up to Memorial Day weekend and beyond. Still, arriving early at the airport is the best bet for travelers.