HONOLULU (KHON2) — At a time when many families are stressed out and struggling to make ends meet, a small gesture of kindness brightened the day of an 8-year-old Hauula boy and his family.

A trio of DOCARE officers are being called heroes for finding Makai Prejean’s bike near Sacred Falls State Park after it was stolen Thursday. The Prejean family lives next to the park.

Nakoa, Makai’s father, says they constantly see people trespassing to hike the trail.

They informed DOCARE officers that the bike was taken and that a man who was trespassing tried to grab their son. On Friday, DICARE found the bike deep in the valley and returned it to makai. Makai’s mom Terry wants to recognize officers Junior Tataipu, Jason Lee, and Alex McBarnet.

“They didn’t have to do that. They could have just said we’ll keep an eye out, but no. They literally called in the troops and went looking for it,” said Terry. “We’ve all had that stress of everything that’s happening with the quarantine, being stuck at home so what they did honestly lifted us up a little bit.”

“I had a lot of fun on that bike and I got it for Christmas last year,” said Makai.

Terry says right after the officers returned Makai’s bike to him, he ran in the house and put on this DOCARE shirt, belt and hat.