9 children are given the gift of sight with new technology

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Nine children received a life-saving gift today.

The non profit organization Sight Savers America donated high-tech vision aids to these kids with severe visual impairment. 

The device enhances contrast and magnifies objects up to 118 times–allowing the kids to read, write, do homework, and even see their loved ones’ faces clearly. 

“A lot of these read with their book on their nose…literally with ink on their nose from reading,” said Sight Savers America President and CEO Jeff Haddox. “Those kids a lot of times will walk in and their world is right here. They’re not seeing a lot of other stuff and any kind of detail.”

And 8-year-old Skayboy Sonis loves the new technology.

“When I first saw my mom in the camera I was like–” he gasped. “That is so cool! One thing I really wanna say is I really like this whoever sent me this. I will thank them by writing them a letter.”

Each device costs about $2,500.

The company will also provide follow-up eye care and maintain and repair the device as needed. 

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