HONOLULU (KHON2) — Nan Chul “Patrick” Shin, founder of Hawaiʻi general contracting company Nan Inc. donated the largest amount ever to be given to UH’s women’s soccer team, $50,000.

Shin is an old friend of the Rainbow Wahine team’s head coach, Michele Nagamine.

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In celebration of 50 years of the Title IX laws that have given women rights and protected them from discrimination based on their sex and gender, the donation is a way of highlighting the work done by so many women over the years.

“On a whim, I thought hey I’m going to ask Nan to match $50,000 if I was able to raise $50,000 in honor of 50 years of Title IX and Rainbow Wahine Athletics,” Nagamine said. “He, fortunately for us, said yes, and I was absolutely blown away!”

Nagamine and Shin have been friends for more than 30 years. “He was a very industrious, hardworking man,” she said of Shin, who started his construction company in 1990. “I remember him coming to the field in construction clothes.”

The gift is unrestricted and allows Nagamine to use the funds in areas most needed by the team.

“I’m excited by what this kind of support signifies for our university,” Nagamine said. “It’s nice to see that people in the community have the 360-vision of what we’re trying to do as a program.”

A mentoring program is on the top of Nagamine’s list of things to do. The program will pair team players with elementary aged keiki in an effort to increase their drive to go to college once done with their primary education.

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“I think our athletes here at UH are excellent role models for the younger generation,” Nagamine said. “That’s going to pay dividends for both our players and the children they inspire. It’s really important for our student athletes to understand that when they play for UH, they play for the whole state.”