HONOLULU (KHON2) — Whether you have lived in Hawaii your entire life, or you just love visiting the islands every summer, here’s a list of five fun facts you probably didn’t know about the Hawaiian Islands. 

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5 Fun Facts about Hawaii:

  1. The state gem isn’t actually a mineral – black coral
  2. Hawaii has the most amount of endangered species
  3. Hawaii has the highest life expectancy in the country
  4. Hawaii’s famous macadamia nut isn’t native to Hawaii
  5. Kauai is home to the rainiest place in the country

Coral isn’t a mineral but actually a living animal. In Hawaii, it is commonly used to make jewelry. 

Hawaii is home to approximately one-third of all endangered species in the U.S. Animal conservation is a big factor in Hawaii and among animal activist groups. 

It has been reported that living in Hawaii can stretch your life expectancy. Many doctors credit the outdoorsy lifestyle Hawaii offers. From swimming in the ocean, taking a walk along the beach, or enjoying a sunrise or sunset yoga session, Hawaii has it all. 

Although a majority of Hawaii’s macadamia nuts are farmed on the Big Island, these tasty treats are originally from Australia, not making them native to the Hawaiian Islands. 

Lastly, you may have thought Seattle takes the top prize for rainiest region in the country, but it’s actually a spot on Kauai.  Mount Waialeale is one of the rainiest spots on earth, getting more than 400 inches a rain each year. 

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