KAILUA, HAWAII (KHON2) — After two years, a tradition returned to Kailua Beach Park.

Before the booms came the buzz of the alarm clock.

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“Our tradition is to get the spot to get the whole thing, and we get here at 4:00 a.m.,” said Kailua resident Mike Roth.

The preparation included three days of marinating pork.

While the Roths have a 20-year family tradition here for Fourth of July, some are building their own.

“Watching my boys just enjoy the water that’s pretty much it,” said visitor Carlos Santiago. “My oldest son he’s named after this beach. This is where I proposed to my wife. This beach has a lot of meaning for us and our family.”

The wind and rain came and went.

“i wanted to catch a big fish today but wind condition was not it,” said Waimanalo resident Chris Sanchez-Rodrigues. “Get a lot of people but we still having one fun time.”

Smiles were everywhere.

“This place is wonderful,” said Kailua resident Sherry Chalmers. “It makes so many people happy.”

Many took time to think about what living in America means to them.

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“Family traditions are very important,” said Kailua resident Mike Roth. “What we do in Hawaii, all the hawaii lifestyle that’s what really matters.”