36 new coronavirus cases on cruise ship, totaling 171

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The cruise ship under quarantine in Japan has 36 new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the total to 171. A couple from Ewa Beach is not among those who have the virus but they remain under quarantine along with everyone else on board.

Disheartening news for Eric and Debbie Pagan. But they did receive some good news from the state health department today — they won’t have to go through another 14-day quarantine when they finally arrive in Honolulu. 

Debbie and Eric Pagan, cruise ship passengers: “Thank you, thank you so much, that was awesome.” They were concerned about it since being placed under quarantine at the Diamond Princess cruise ship seven days ago. With the number of contaminated passengers rising, they say it’s taking a toll on everyone.

Eric Pagan: “People are feeling it a little bit, you can see it on their faces especially on the inside cabin.” 

They are aware of two other couples from Hawaii who are on the ship but have not been able to contact them since the quarantine started. 

Lt. Governor Josh Green says with new cases popping up almost daily, something else needs to be done. 

Lt. Gov. Josh Green: “The CDC is looking at this ship very closely. I’m talking to them today. It’s a nightmare for them, because people mingle and then people who are working on the ship get sick.” 

Green also spoke by Facetime with the person under quarantine at the Pearl Harbor facility. Green says the person is in good spirits, and asked for extra blankets and wifi to pass the time. 

As to why the person traveled to the Hubei province in the first place? They were already there when the outbreak occurred. 

Green says the person has roots in Hubei, which is the epicenter of the outbreak, and traveled alone when he came back to Hawaii. He adds that the person is fully cooperative because he does not want to put anyone at risk. 

The health department says as of today there are more than 30 people who are under self quarantine. These are people who have traveled from other parts of China, outside Hubei province, and are not showing any symptoms.

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