HONOLULU (KHON2) — We learned there have been a total of 33 people arrested and they chose to receive citations so they were released shortly after.

Today was an intense day for both sides because many who were arrested were kupuna.

Officials say it was hard for them as well because some of the officers who made the arrests were taking friends and family into custody.

At least two dozen people who are against TMT were taken into custody Monday morning.

Officials say they were initially arrested but were given the option to receive a citation.

“Basically an arrest means that you are going to be booked at the Hilo Department cell block, you have to get the charges and then you can post bail along with your court appearance,” DNLR Senior Communications Manager Dan Danison. “If you get a citation, you don’t go all the way to Hilo and you agree to appear in court. and I should say that if you don’t post bail today, you would be arraigned tomorrow in Hilo.”

Those who were cited came straight back to stand their ground.

“Like I say over again, the same thing. No matter what they do the officers they hate to do this but they see the same faces back again year after year,” said John Turalde.

“For us, there are no negotiations we just remain committed to kapu aloha, we remain committed in peaceful nonviolent protest because we know these guys are not bad people they don’t want to hurt us, do anything bad to hurt us .they’ve been forced into this position by superiors,” said Kahookahi Kanuha, a Kiai of Mauna Kea.

As the day progressed officials stepped up reinforcements and closed off vehicle access to the main intersection.

“It was pretty emotional quite frankly because some of the people arrested were related to some of the officers and that was the case in several cases. It’s a tough situation for everyone,” said Danison.

“Arrest me if I am a criminal, I have not done any crime, but to protect the Mauna,” said Theresa.

“Where do we stand, we can’t stand there, we’ll interrupt their arrests. Where else do we go?”