HONOLULU (KHON2) — A new study revealed that three in four Hawaii residents cannot correctly identify local landmarks in a state-wide test.

I’m-a-puzzle. com, a jigsaw puzzle website, tested thousands of respondents asking them their knowledge of not-so-well-known local landmarks in their home states.

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According to the study, people were presented with a choice of four local landmarks: three located in their home state and one from another. They then had to identify which landmark was not located in their home state. 

Hawaii residents performed below the national average of 35% when asked which landmark is not in their state. The choices were: The Blue Room, Bishop Museum, Rainbow River, or Sky Gate. 

The correct answer was Rainbow River and only 23% of participants answered the question correctly.

Rainbow River is a spring-fed winding river that is 5.7 miles long and is located in central Florida, not Hawaii. 

The Blue Room is located in Kilauea and is the only remaining cave on the island of Kauai. It gets its name from the secret back grotto it has which glows a beautiful blue. 

The Bishop Museum located in Honolulu has been around since 1889 and is the largest museum in Hawaii containing a huge collection of artifacts and Polynesian and Hawaiian art. 

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The Sky Gate is a sculpture created by the world-renowned landscape and architect Isamu Noguchi. Located on the lawn between the Honolulu Municipal Building and the Mission Memorial Auditorium near Honolulu Hale.

To read the full report and see how other states performed or to take the quiz yourself head to I’m-a-puzzle.com