HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Police Department has confirmed that a third officer has tested positive for the virus.

State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO) president Malcom Lutu said they are still trying to find more about the COVID-19 cases within the Honolulu Police Department.

He said one case was not work related, the other may or may not have been, and there’s one new case just discovered.

“The third one was recently, so they’re still trying to figure out what happened to that officer and whether it was contracted from outside or doing work,” said Lutu.

 Along with the three positive cases, HPD said 46 other officers have tested negative. Ten tests are still pending. With some officers out sick and some being quarantined, KHON2 asked if this could impact HPD’s operations.

“I think we’re lucky at this point and if it gets any worse, I think there is a contingency plan to keep the public safe, to keep officers on the roads,” said Lutu.

He said this could mean different shifts and possibly even double shifts, but SHOPO will speak to the department again if it does come to that point.

For now, the focus is on preventing any more illnesses. Lutu said officers can now request equipment like safety glasses, face masks and gloves.

“There is a procedure now that was created for officers of the districts to come and to … dish out to different officers around the island,” said Lutu.

They also have extra masks and hand sanitizers at the police union for officers if they need.

“We’re also changing the ways we handle cases. No doubt there’s some cases where we have to basically be on the person, but as much as possible we’re trying to do our work from a distance,” said Lutu.

 HPD adds that it will be cracking down on people violating the stay-at-home orders.

To date, it has handed out 353 citations and over 4,000 warnings.