29 headstones vandalized at Kawaiahao Church overnight

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It’s a disturbing sight — people in the area tell KHON2 that roughly 29 headstones were vandalized overnight. Now, police want answers.

Who would do such a thing and why?

A usually peaceful sight is now upsetting to look at.

Someone damaged dozens of headstones at Kawaiahao Church in Downtown Honolulu.

“What goes through my mind when I see something like this is I’m just heartbroken and this is a complete desecration,” said Cultural Practitioner Lopaka Kapanui.

Lopaka Kapanui is a cultural practitioner. He says he is hurting for the families affected.

“A lot of these headstones have been here since the 1800s, some of the bodies here are from the smallpox epidemic, and there are so many bodies on this one block as a whole that no matter where you walk, you’re probably stepping on someone’s remains,” he said.

Kapanui wants whoever is responsible to know that what they did is wrong.

“The fact is these people have family members who come to remember them, celebrate them on holidays, and to do this is complete desecration to any ethnicity,” Kapunui said.

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