HONOLULU (kHON2) — The House Republican Caucus introduced its bill package today for the upcoming 2023 session “Stand for Hawaii.”

It features 15 bills and addresses five major areas for the state like cost of living, housing, personal rights, government reform and crime & rehabilitation.

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One potential reform eliminates the income tax for those whose incomes are less than:

  • 150k single
  • 300k married
  • 225k head of households

Another tax relief bill would create a tax holiday.

According to representatives, certain local items would be exempt from sales tax for three days in the fall.

As for bills to address crime, there is said to be an increase in penalties for petty misdemeanors and strengthened Stand Your Ground laws.

A bill addressing mental health needs for those who are taken into police custody is also in the plan.

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“The House Republican Caucus is committed to take a Stand For Hawaii this legislative session, so that the people of Hawaii aren’t simply surviving, but thriving,” said House Republican Caucus Leader Lauren Matsumoto.